Partners for Change

Through our entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking, zeb has established
itself as one of the leading strategy and management consultancy in the
financial services industry in Europe to date.

With our support, our clients address pressing issues and transformation
challenges arising from adverse market conditions, cost pressure,
digitalization and new regulatory requirements. Together, we master
today’s only constant—change.

In many ways, COVID-19 has acted as a wake-up call for the European asset management industry. It has thrown a powerful spotlight on the cost issues that already plagued the industry and it has sped up many of the trends observed in past studies. For years now, asset managers have been discussing these issues and challenges, but little has been done.

The latest zeb.CFO Study is the result of in-depth surveys and interviews with more than 60 CFOs and other finance executives of large European banks. The study examines how finance executives can best overcome the conflict of creating strategic value while dealing with high-cost pressures and limited budgets.

Digital Service Hub
A completely new approach to using digital services - exclusively for banks, insurance companies and financial services specialists!

Who we are....

We are partners for change.
We focus on what matters to our clients in the financial services industry – our goal is to improve their performance and competitive strength. We support and work closely with our clients’ decision makers, employees and stakeholders at every stage of the project – from conceptual design, creatively tailoring ideas to innovative strategies based on robust quantitative analyses for effective and thorough implementation.


We tap into our long-standing in-depth expertise in the fields of financial services strategy, sales, organisation, corporate management, human capital, regulation and IT.
We have the full spectrum of opportunities and challenges in today's financial services industry firmly in our sight. From this, we create forward looking, sustainable value for and with our clients. zeb: that's 360° management consultancy – every day, every challenge, every opportunity, every client.