Dr. Christian Buddendick

Christian is located at the Swiss zeb office and responsible for all topics concerning the finance and risk functions within the financial industry. He has long-standing consulting experience in the conceptual development and implementation of topics related to integrated financial resource management and management reporting. He also provides profound knowledge in the implementation of regulatory requirements and steering of credit, market price and liquidity risks. Christian moreover focuses on the digitalization of the finance and risk function as well as on omnichannel management.

Christian Buddendick is responsible in the Swiss office for all questions concerning the finance and risk function of financial service providers. He has many years of consulting experience in the design and implementation of these issues, including integrated financial resource management, management reporting, regulatory requirements, and credit, market price and liquidity risk management. A particular focus of his work is the digitization of the finance and risk function and omnichannel management.

Christian Buddendick studied business administration at the WWU M√ľnster and received his doctorate in business informatics. After his doctorate, he started at zeb and returned there in 2015 after holding various management positions in industry. During his time in industry, he was responsible for the worldwide rollout of cloud solutions.

Christian Buddendick is co-author of numerous zeb studies on financial and risk topics. He is the main contact person in Switzerland for the European Banking Study, which takes an up-to-date and comprehensive look at the status quo of banking in Europe.